Sommerakademie Kammermusik

28.08. —

Teachers 2022


The academy stands for a philosophy that is rarely found these days. Whilst people aim for more and more in less time, the academy focuses on detailed and intense work. Over three weeks the participants get the chance to concentrate on what really is important: To truly dive into the music.

The academy gives the opportunity to focus for three weeks on intense chamber music work. Numerous internationally renowned lecturers work on a daily base with the participants and give support during the whole course. The infrastructure at the monastery with various rooms to rehearse and practice make sure the participants have all they need to improve.
Settled in a beautiful monastery in the countryside the participants enjoy an ideal working atmosphere. The historical ambience invites to slow down and gives space for joint activities. The course is highly recommended as a preparation for competitions, gives the best opportunities to work on new repertoire and helps ensembles create their own musical identity.

How it works

Two months before the academy starts the participants will be informed about the works that need to be prepared. The chamber music work in the academy starts immediately which is why the pieces have to be well prepared. Each participant has on average 1-3 classes per day with different pieces. The schedule is coordinated daily with the lecturers and will be published in the evening for the next day.

There will be several concerts during the academy. The academy starts traditionally with an Opening Concert in the chapel of the monastery. Furthermore participants get the chance to present their works in workshop concerts, a concert in the Theater Oldenburg, festival concerts and many more.